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Fall Forum Featured Speakers
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Hear from the following industry experts and discussion panelists on the full-cycle of talent management, including strategic fluency and business alignment, acquisition and on-boarding, leadership development and succession planning and engagement, retention and corporate culture:

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Phase I - Strategic Fluency and Business Alignment

Building Leadership and Culture to Drive Growth: How Engaged Associates and Leaders Drive Client Satisfaction and Shareholder Value at Broadridge

Presented by: John Hogan, President and COO and Valerie Norton, Vice President, Talent Management & Acquisition

Broadridge Financial Solutions is consistently recognized as the #1 provider of services in its outsourcing field, as a most admired company, and as a great workplace (recognized by Gallup, Best Companies New York, and the Great Place to Work Institute). Hear from Broadridge’s President and COO, John Hogan, and its VP, Talent Management & Acquisition, Valerie Norton, about the unique approach Broadridge takes to building its leaders and reinforcing the special culture that results in 99% client retention and strong shareholder confidence.

Broadridge takes an integrated approach to talent management based on a global leadership competency model and focuses on continuous improvement in associate engagement. The senior team firmly believes in the service profit chain: Engaged associates create loyal and satisfied client which results in shareholder value creation.  As a part of this approach, for the past 18 years Mr. Hogan has led monthly half-day leadership development sessions with nearly 100 global leaders on topics selected by the leaders and focused on specific themes. These leaders then cascade their learning to local management teams, building a consistent culture globally to support the business strategy. Bring your questions and join the dialogue about how the "leaders as teachers” approach really works and how focusing on the service profit chain brings results.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Phase III - Leadership Development and Succession Planning

Healthy Company Leaders for the 21st Century

Presented by: Bob Rosen, CEO, Healthy Companies International and Author

There is a whole new checklist for the leader of the future. There is a new DNA that connects great leadership, healthy cultures, and the high performing company. For the best CEOs, this idea is holistic, involves head and heart, and builds the link between healthy leaders, healthy cultures, and  healthy performance. It starts on top-- unleashing the positive emotions of the organization and igniting sparks down the line. For those developing the bench, developing high potential leaders, and identifying the next CEO, it is important to understand what the best CEOs do, what the personal leadership dynamics are and what the dynamics are for creating a truly 'healthy company' for sustainable success.

Bob Rosen, CEO of Healthy Companies International, wrote the seminal book on Healthy Companies setting out the leadership dynamics and critical human elements of a value driven business. Having continued that research with over 400 CEO interviews in over 30 countries, he will talk about the new leadership equation and the actions critical for sustainable success. By linking the six dimensions of health for leaders,  the new mindset required for a healthy culture and the road map for building a high performance healthy company, Bob will help surface some of the critical new dimensions to think about when identifying and developing the leadership pipeline or grooming the next CEO.

Great Boss, Great Company

Presented by: Neal Patel, People Analytics Manager, Google

This session will provide a window into Google. Business and continued innovation at the speed of the internet require quarterly performance review.  A data driven approach to defining the behavior of the best managers as well as pitfalls of the worst provides a template to build on for high performance leadership.

Neal will talk about Project Oxygen and the eight behaviors that drive leadership excellence at Google. There is nothing magical about the listing, but the way it was developed and is now being applied are rich with insight for other companies. While all this is based on what works at Google, there are interesting lessons for all those looking to improve manager quality: simple rules, accountable metrics, an ongoing journey.

Talent from the Top at Hertz

Presented by: Dr. Stella Malsy, Director, Global Assessment Services, Hertz Corporation and Dr. Marilyn Buckner, President, National Training Systems, Inc.

Hertz is using the talent review and development process to fuel its capacity for growth, particularly in international markets. By adding more rigor to the assessment of top talent and the linkage to the key competencies for the new leadership required, they can more easily help management leaders refine the needs for executive development. This type of program also engages the most senior management on a personal basis and provides a rich mirror for individuals to look at themselves as well as the needs for the company.

Leadership Development to Build New Corporate Capability

Presented by: Cheryl Getty, Senior Vice President, Organization and Talent Development, SAIC and Brian Keenan, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, SAIC

When your largest customer is the U.S. government, you are faced with many of the same dynamicsof change as the private sector.  When a new CEO wants to revamp strategic planning, there is a huge opportunity for leadership development to drive culture change.

Learn how SAIC has focused new programs to tap the capabilities of the whole organization for more competitive solutions. As the marketplace changes and have new integrated demands, learn how SAIC is helps leaders gain momentum to re-define their roles, drive new opportunities and maximize cross-selling opportunities among products and divisions.

Phase II - Acquisition and On-boarding

Digital Personalization: Creating Connections with Candidates in Today’s Digital World

Presented by: Rachel Book, Associate Director Staffing, Talent Attraction and Diversity, AT&T

Today’s candidates expect more from companies when considering their career choices. While candidate attraction is still a key component of any recruiting strategy, the candidate experience has become more important than ever in differentiating your organization and hiring the best talent. Fortunately, the role of digital in recruiting continues to evolve and invent new and creative ways companies can engage and communicate with candidates.

From social media, search marketing and mobile to augmented reality and widgets, there are abundant opportunities to create a unique and compelling candidate experience. But how do you sift through the clutter and select the right solutions?  How do you digitize and continue to personalize? This session will cover strategic insight on how to provide the ultimate candidate experience through case studies, as well as actionable takeaways to assist you in defining and executing an appropriate strategy for your organization.

Talent Management in an Uncertain Age

Presented by: Peter Cappelli, George. W. Taylor Professor of Management, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Director, Wharton's Center for Human Resources and Author

The times, they are STILL a changin'. Peter Cappelli has some important insights as to what that means for the todays and tomorrows of talent management professionals. Join us for this timely, important and intimate discussion with one of the leading thought leaders in our field.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Phase IV - Engagement, Retention and Corporate Culture

American Express: Employee Engagement That Transforms

Presented by: Kim Seymour, Vice President, Talent Management, American Express

Our pace of change today is rapid. The competitive environment is fierce, especially as American Express further penetrates the digital marketplace. Today it is more important than ever that you retain and build high potential talent, and that you focus diligently on employee engagement and loyalty. You need employees to think and act like business owners; you want employees to take accountability for results, to identify opportunities for growth and efficiency, to initiate change, to collaborate for success.

Gain strategic insights on steps American Express is taking to drive engagement and retention and hear about how they are motivating and enabling employees to take action and personal ownership for the company’s success and transformation.

An Upward Experience: Developing Frontline Managers to Drive Culture Change from the Ground Up

Presented by: Jack Buehler, Vice President, Human Resources, Assurant Specialty Property and Jennifer Hale, Vice President, Talent Development, Assurant Specialty Property

Frontline managers touch the most employees, have the biggest impact on employee performance and engagement, and are instrumental in facilitating grassroots change efforts. This practical, interactive session will take you through how Assurant Specialty Property, a Fortune 300 company, took data from a comprehensive "people study,” employee engagement survey results and a blank sheet of paper to create a dramatically different approach to developing frontline managers to drive a culture of engagement, learning and performance.

From executive buy-in, through establishing a common language, pragmatic tool set and positioning the learning strategy as a journey, this ongoing experience has provided frontline managers with the competencies, skills and tools to support the business strategy and drive business results. Assurant Specialty Property is realizing significant payoff as frontline managers are organizing activities, networking and knowledge sharing to drive culture change from the ground up.

Developing Culturally Viable Business Strategies: Translating the Corporate Culture into Chinese

Presented by: Michael Schell, CEO, RW³ CultureWizard and Pam Jones, Laguna Strategic Advisors

Being a manager in today's business environment requires more than just understanding how to apply management skills globally. It requires an ability to translate and transpose company business tactics, methodologies, recognition, rewards, retention and motivation approaches so they work in more than just the home-country culture.

Pam Jones of Laguna Strategic Advisors who developed and implemented such a corporate culture translation into Chinese for a major multinational corporation with multiple locations in China will bring her recent, hard-learned lessons and experience to this engaging, interactive workshop.

Joining her is Michael Schell, CEO of RW3 CultureWizard who has worked with Pam to support global companies in this endeavor. Mike will discuss some resources and learning tactics that can support the development of a global corporate culture adaptable to Western and emerging markets.

A New Leadership Mindset Raises Engagement with a Focus on Growth

Presented by: Jeanne Leidtka, Darden Graduate School of Business Education and Author

This case study will help you understand the early research to identify the characteristics of growth leaders and how to create the environment to develop these skills. Jeanne will then focus on the challenges of building these capabilities for growth. Based on her new book, Design Thinking For Growth, she will review the issues for managers trying to escape the "proof mentality” that everything must be a success the first time out. Those who can address the challenges of uncertainty, can in fact develop new systems and processes  for more predictable and exciting outcomes. Jeanne will discuss some thinking styles that lead to innovation and growth. For those who think you are born with it or not, she will convince you that inspirational leadership leading to high engagement and success can be developed  with new tools and a new mindset. With all the social media tools, A-players find those companies that are innovative and produce exciting products and services.

Leadership is a Journey

Presented by: Emily Dancyger King, Head Global Talent Management, Citi

The financial crisis of the last few years has created a challenging environment for many financial institutions to invest in the development of leaders. Despite many roadblocks, including regulatory pressure, expense and headcount reduction, low employee engagement and poor morale, Citi revamped its strategy behind the scenes and re-invigorated the company’s focus on the identification and development of leadership talent. Emily will share some of the success factors involved and speak about Citi’s ongoing journey to transform itself into a talent-centric company and emerge from the crisis with a healthy pipeline of talent poised to lead the company into the future.

Confirmed Speakers as of September 12, 2011


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