Different by Design: Leading the Evolving Organization

In a world where tomorrow is already history, how can HR executives stay ahead of the curve to anticipate organizational change?

Change has the pedal to the floor. Evolution in the concept of workplace is rocketing. Increasingly, some—even many—of your best employees may not be employees at all. They’ll be contractors; CEOs of one; people who demand more control over the work they do, and when, where and how they do it.

This may be a tipping point for the profession. Today is the least of our worries. Looking beyond the horizon, it’s time to re-imagine employment models, to be different, and to stretch our depth of focus:

“Different by Design: Leading the Evolving Organization.”

Join us in Turnberry Isle, Florida, and take your place among the leading thinkers of our profession. Embrace the new imperative of design thinking—a solution-focused approach centered on the evolving needs of end users, not just on the process needed to get from Point A to Point B.

Help us define the constraints, break them and shape the future of HR.

At the 2017 Annual Conference you will engage and exchange ideas with noted business leaders and academics to discuss:

+ The Use of Design Thinking for HR
+ The Rise of New Employment Models
+ The Growing Importance of Collaboration at Work
+ Managing an All-Inclusive, Diverse, Global Talent Market
+ Preparing HR to Lead the Evolving Organization


Title: Reframing Talent Management: From Professional Development to Life Design
Speaker: Dave Evans, Head, Design Your Life Lab, Stanford Design Program, Co-founder, Electronic Arts
Date and Time: Monday, April 24th 8:30 AM - 10:15 AM
Description: Talent management is a never ending adventure in learning as "talent" is just another word for "people" and humans have a habit of continual change. It used to be job placement, then it was career management, then professional development. - Next up: Life Design. The contributing components of the big sea change shifts are already well underway: the Millennial majority, the gig economy, and the cloud-enabled everything. The conversation has already shifted. People aren't planning their careers they're designing their lives and doing so in a holistic and integrated manner. What does that mean? Where do hiring/contracting organizations get into the conversation? How do managers engage effectively and appropriately? David J. Evans, co-founder of the Stanford Life Design Lab, co-author of the New York Times bestseller Designing Your Life and Silicon Valley Corporate Culture veteran will lead us in a conversation about how life design principles can assist talent managers to meet the challenges of retention and engagement in the new reality.

Title: Re-imagining HR in the Cognitive Era
Speaker: Diane Gherson, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, IBM
Date and Time: Monday, April 24th 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM
Description: CHRO Diane Gherson will share her perspective and experiences leading IBM Human Resources in the cognitive era where innovations like big data, social, and mobile are transforming every aspect of business and how work gets done. Diane will address how companies can re-imagine their workforce strategies through design thinking and employee co-creation. She'll share experiences of how IBM is addressing employee expectations shaped by consumer experiences and how the company's approach to leadership is being reshaped by neuroscience. The session will offer insights into how IBM HR is using artificial intelligence for decision support, productivity and reshaping the employee experience…from digital assistants for self service support for managers and employees to personalized learning and social sentiment analysis as predictors of engagement.

Title: Performance in the Digital Age
Speaker: Rahul Varma, Chief Talent Officer, Accenture and Francine Katsoudas, Senior Vice President and Chief Employee Officer
Date and Time: Monday, April 24th 3:25 PM – 4:45 PM
Description: How do you re-envision the performance experience of over 385,000 employees globally? You ask them. This is how Accenture began its journey to Performance Achievement, an employee performance experience unprecedented in size and scope. In this session, Accenture’s global head of talent and learning will discuss the process of disrupting and reconfiguring how performance is viewed, driven and achieved in this era of digital connection and global awareness.

Title: TBD
Speaker: Mara Swan, EVP Global Strategy & Talent, Manpower Group
Date and Time: Tuesday, April 25th 8:45 AM – 10:00 AM
Description: The world is changing. Skills needs are changing faster than ever. The confluence of digitization, machine learning, aging and shifting populations, polarization, alternative ways of working, and consumerization is transforming business models. We are seeing the emergence of a Skills Revolution — where finding the right balance of technology, talent and human connection will be the key to enabling both individuals and businesses to succeed.

We need to change how we attract, develop, engage and manage in this new reality. It’s time for us to stop talking about evolution – we need a revolution, and it needs to start in HR.

Title: The Future Workplace Experience: Re-Imagine The Future Of HR
Speaker: Jeanne Meister, Founding Partner, Future Workplace LLC, Mark Levy, Chief Employee Experience Officer, AirBnB, Deborah Butters, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer,, PerkinElmer, Inc.
Date and Time: Tuesday, April 25th 3:15 PM – 4:30 PM
Description: The future is happening and it’s not waiting for you or your company. In times of constant and accelerated change, HR organizations must prepare for the future workforce and workplace.

Exclusive research, titled Future Workplace Forecast, conducted among 2,147 global HR leaders and hiring managers, examines how forward looking organizations are mastering disruption in recruiting, developing and engaging employees. The session will start with an animated video of an employee in the future workplace and will focus on how companies are re-imagining the employee experience, preparing for how technology will enable and transform HR, and creating new job roles and new skills to navigate the future workplace.

Title: Rewire HR to Ignite Innovation
Speaker: Kelley Steven-Waiss, Chief Human Resources Office, HERE
Date and Time: Wednesday, April 26 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM
Description: Forces of change are requiring that HR transforms to meet rapidly evolving business requirements. By adapting new technologies and talent in HR, organizations can clearly gain competitive advantage. The future of work is demanding a new approach to workforce planning in which work is deconstructed into specific tasks or services and then matched to required skills and capabilities versus roles. To create a highly efficient global talent ecosystem, work must be accomplished from anywhere. Organizations must develop new employment contracts and hone new leadership styles for leading the work, not the workers. And finally, HR must foster human and machine collaboration to develop analytics, algorithms and automation to enhance productivity and harness data to understand the true value of work. Aligning to these principles, Kelley Steven-Waiss will share her experience in implementing a newly rewired HR ecosystem to propel the growth of HERE. With over 30 years’ experience in 3-D mapping, HERE provides location content to some of largest automotive OEMs in the world. With new leadership experienced in running large software enterprises, it is reimagining the role software plays in the car. To win the race to 2020 against fierce competitors, HR is leading the company’s transformation by creating an agile culture responding to dynamic forces of change.

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Title: Career Management: Different by Design
Speaker: Julie Gravallese, CHRO, Mitre
Date and Time: Monday, April 24th 1:15 pm
Description: The MITRE Corporation’s career management philosophy has evolved in recent years. Our concept of career building is based upon a compilation of experiences, not just “jobs.” As part of MITRE’s approach to performance feedback conversations, CLEAR Conversations, our managers, and employees have regular conversations about the roles and expectations for each of our employees. We supplement these role conversations with developmental dialogues and a robust portfolio of career services. Our program called “Careers in Motion” guides employees to identify which career experiences are and will be most meaningful for them to achieve their aspirations. We are working with our managers to partner more closely with their employees to identify future roles that will provide the types of experiences to put their careers in motion.

Title: The Power of People. Emerging topics in the practice of workforce analytics.
Speaker: Jonathan Ferrar
Date and Time: Monday, April 24th 1:15 pm
Description:This presentation will outline emerging topics in the practice of HR and workforce analytics. It is based on interviews with global practitioners, HR leaders and academics. Jonathan will also uncover frameworks that will help leaders be successful in building HR and workforce analytics practices.

1. Purposeful Analytics - a methodology for workforce analytics; why we need it and what it is?
2. Emerging Data – what workforce data do we expect in the next 5 years and what risks and opportunities does it bring?
3. Storytelling – why do it and how effective storytelling and data visualization can enhance decision-making?

Speaker: Carol Lee Andersen, President, Questback; Alexander Stephanou, Formerly of RSA (Now with Questback)
Date and Time: Monday, April 24 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM
Description: Across industries, increased competition, the scarcity of talent, and the importance of delivering superior customer experience require organizations to treat their people as a strategic asset. Deloitte notes HR is now “…the steward and designer of these new people processes.” Forbes predicted that 2017 will see vanishing of divisions between HR, marketing and customer experience “…in order to develop experiences.” Historical silos fall as enterprises merge disciplines to form a new complete, strategic view of enterprise interactions with all people – employees, customers, markets. Will you be ready?

Exploring RSA Insurance Group’s employee experience initiatives, Alexander Stephanou, millennial occupational psychologist and former RSA HR Project Consultant managing their new engagement strategy, and Carol Lee Andersen, President of Questback, discuss the evolution of enterprises around people and analytics; a transformation that is requiring enterprises to breakdown outdated notions and embrace emerging trends in the use of technology to align people to strategic goals and objectives.

Title: From Blurring Boundaries to Boundaryless
Speaker: Karen B. Paul, Leader, HR External Relations, 3M
Date and Time: Tuesday, April 25th 10:30 am
Description: Karen will share lessons from 3M’s experience with innovation. Examples of boundaryless innovation and design thinking from approaches to leadership development to social innovation with customers that incorporate not only regular employees, but boundaryless partnerships with innovators from universities, other companies, freelancers, NGOs, and crowds will be shared. Participants will have the opportunity to consider the challenges and opportunities that boundaryless innovation presents, and to consider where such approaches might enhance their own innovation endeavors.

Title: CHREATE: Forces of Change, Organization Assessment
Speaker: Maria Forbes, Managing Director, ROOT and Caroline Starner, President, Starner 2.0
Date and Time: Tuesday, April 25th 10:30 am
Description: In this interactive session we will use tools designed to help HR Executives position their organizations to address the emerging forces of change. Through a highly engaging Learning Map® experience you will be exploring trends that are shaping the future of work, and assessing the impact of the change on your own organization.
These tools were developed by the Global Consortium to Reimagine HR, Employment Alternatives, Talent, and the Enterprise (CHREATE), which is the collaborative effort of a group of creative CHROs, along with academics and other thought leaders, focused on defining – and accelerating – the future of the HR profession.
The CHREATE focus is to help HR executives and other business leaders address these disruptive changes and to explore implications for the future in terms of the roles and capabilities that will be needed by organizations that “win” in this new world of work.

Title: Futureproof Your Talent Strategy: A focus on skills, not just jobs, will help organizations and their workforces remain relevant
Speaker: Ravin Jesuthasan, Managing Director, Willis Towers Watson; Laurie Bienstock, Global Practice Director, Willis Towers Watson
Date and Time: Tuesday, April 25th 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Description: Coming soon!

Title: Making Sense, Weaving Stories and Taking Action with Data
Speaker: Theresa Welbourne, Professor in Entrepreneurship and the Executive Director, Alabama
Date and Time: Tuesday, April 25th 1:15 pm
Description: Work is rapidly transforming. Digitalization and the democratization of work are quickly changing the premiums and discounts on various skills sets. AI is enabling the swift deconstruction and reconstruction of jobs as the demand for work changes. In this environment, where a plurality of means for work abounds, the ability to seamlessly and continuously match talent (knowledge and skills) to work (jobs and tasks) is increasingly critical.

To remain relevant amidst dynamic market and talent pressures, HR and Talent Management leaders must consider ways to futureproof their workforces and develop talent architectures for work in order to:

• Know the work and the options for doing the work
• Better understand their workforces and where they sit, identify gaps and plan for future needs
• Recruit more effectively for the right skills and areas of expertise
• Match and deploy key talent with emerging skills and knowledge to work in critical roles
• Identify and define the game-changing skills and domain expertise of their employees

In this session, presenters will provide insights from Willis Towers Watson’s research on the future of work and share a recent case study on the strategy and vision for the future of work at Microsoft. Attendees can look forward to a roadmap to help them consider an agile approach to building a comprehensive work architecture in their own organizations.

Title: Leveraging Communities of Employees to Create a MarketPlace for Skills/Expertise Transformation
Speaker: Aadesh Goyal, CHRO, Tata Communications
Date and Time: Tuesday, April 25th 1:15 PM
Description: Companies around the world are dealing with the challenges of rapidly transforming their businesses that have been disrupted by combination of rapid technology advancement and globalization. This has started to be further accentuated by the deployment of robotics, artificial intelligence and deep- or self- learning systems. As a result of this, a large proportion of the workforce would need to develop new skills and expertise. And, for the companies and its employees, this is a very challenging task. The mold needs to be broken and redefined. Join Aadesh as he talks about Project MarketPlace, the Communities driven platform that Tata Communications is building that gets employees to work on projects that help them develop, showcase and build new skills and expertise with the goal of them moving to very different roles in future. This platform would also integrate with various platforms of Freelancers so that the company’s workforce in the future consists of freelancers with specialized expertise to become an integral part of how programs are staffed for effective and speedy implementation. Another key feature is the Career Planning Portal that would help employees plan their career moves to achieve their career goals.

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