Different by Design: Leading the Evolving Organization

In a world where tomorrow is already history, how can HR executives stay ahead of the curve to anticipate organizational change?

Change has the pedal to the floor. Evolution in the concept of workplace is rocketing. Increasingly, some—even many—of your best employees may not be employees at all. They’ll be contractors; CEOs of one; people who demand more control over the work they do, and when, where and how they do it.

This may be a tipping point for the profession. Today is the least of our worries. Looking beyond the horizon, it’s time to re-imagine employment models, to be different, and to stretch our depth of focus:

“Different by Design: Leading the Evolving Organization.”

Join us in Turnberry Isle, Florida, and take your place among the leading thinkers of our profession. Embrace the new imperative of design thinking—a solution-focused approach centered on the evolving needs of end users, not just on the process needed to get from Point A to Point B.

Help us define the constraints, break them and shape the future of HR.

At the 2017 Annual Conference you will engage and exchange ideas with noted business leaders and academics to discuss:

+ The Use of Design Thinking for HR
+ The Rise of New Employment Models
+ The Growing Importance of Collaboration at Work
+ Managing an All-Inclusive, Diverse, Global Talent Market
+ Preparing HR to Lead the Evolving Organization