Keynote Sessions

Building Positive Cultures in a VUCA World

Presenters: Stuart Crabb

About This Session: In a single generation, our world has shifted dramatically to one that is fast moving, often volatile and certainly unpredictable. In many organizations the shift has fostered a mindset that shows little regard for their role in driving the elements of what makes a life worth living and applying these insights to help people perform more effectively at work. Facebook has long been at the forefront in developing progressive people policies and practices that have been instrumental in creating one of the most desirable places to work in the world, where pride in the mission of the company, desire to have impact, and loyalty to the organization consistently score among the most important dimensions of success.

As part of the people leadership team that has architected this strategy, Stuart Crabb will share the thinking behind this work and the practical initiatives Facebook has introduced to buttress this unpredictability and maintain a focus on impact.

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