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UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Right the Balance - Women, Men, Work, Family

Presenter: Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter

About This Session: Dr. Anne­-Marie Slaughter’s book, Unfinished Business: Women, Men, Work, Family, focuses on the future of the workplace and argues that as long as work and family are considered women’s issues, women and men will never be equal and employers will continue to hemorrhage great female talent. The job of caregiver can no longer fall on women any more than the job of breadwinner can fall only on men. Understanding and implementing this larger cultural shift is the key to hiring and retaining the best millennial talent and to increasing productivity both at home and in the office. Companies should be making extended coverage plans for all workers just as they make succession plans, anticipating that all employees will need to make room for care. With practical individual solutions and a broad outline for change, Slaughter will discuss a future in which all of us, men and women alike, can finally have fulfilling careers along with the rewards of family life.

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