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Culture is no myth, nor is it a soft, ephemeral concept. It is a force, a solid and powerful reality that demands constant examination, re-examination, and even complete reinvention. The task is demanding; neither the CEO nor HR can complete it alone. They must complement each other—just as culture and strategy must.

The Strategic HR Forum—Aligning Culture and Strategy to Drive Business Success—will be long remembered for not only what it explored, but also for what it achieved. Future sustainable alignments of culture with human capital and organizational design strategies may have their origin here.

An intimate group of innovative and influential HR executives, business and thought leaders will discuss and debate every facet of the symbiotic relationship between culture and strategy. Questions will be posed. Answers pondered.

There is so much to cover, so much to re-think:

  • We assume nothing is more powerful than culture. But is that true?
  • Does culture really eat strategy for lunch—or are they equal partners at the table?
  • How do we determine if we have the right leadership, or the right culture—and, realistically, what can be done about either?
  • We eagerly absorb the very latest in systems thinking. But is it already irrelevant?
  • How do we know the unique relationship between culture, leadership, and strategy is in place—and that it’s achieving true business results?
  • How do we gather metrics to measure the impact of properly aligned culture and strategy—and how do we know when it isn’t  aligned?
  • Lack of culture/strategy alignment has brought down iconic companies. What was the learning path gained from those failures? And what about the successes?


Be a participant. Be a contributor. Your presence is not required. More than that. It’s needed.


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