Through pointed discussion and guided self-analysis, explore the critical and complementary traits that are required for an HR Executive to also be a business leader. Learn aspects of the leadership abilities needed today, and demanded tomorrow.

Join a discerning group of senior HR executives, who appreciate a critical reality: A CHRO’s success lies not just in being able to foresee and prepare for the future, but also the ability to lead their organizations there.

At the HR + Executive Leadership Program, discussion and senior-level networking will allow participants to not just rehash past learning, but to acquire new learnings, such as:

  • The leadership philosophies and behaviors that have proved to be the most critical to reaching organizational and personal goals
  • What impact various factors of change will have on the futures of organizations, and how HR leaders must be prepared toguide that change
  • How tomorrow promises to change the future of HR, and the ability of organizations to be effective and successful

Those attending will leave having fine-tuned their personal leadership approach. They will have gained from peer coaching, lively and interactive sessions, examination of case studies, and working with teams on collaborate projects. Plus, a dynamic panel of CHROs will have shared their own perspectives on leadership. Register now and seize an unusual opportunity.

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Who Should Attend This Program?

Like all programs in the C-Suite Series, this is designed for senior HR executives with more than 15 years of experience. A special focus here will be on learning how to lead change, and shape the strategic path of an organization.

Featured Speaker
Ian Ziskin

Ian Ziskin,
President of EXec EXcel Group LLC

The HR People + Strategy C-Suite Series: HR + Executive Leadership Program will be led by Ian Ziskin. Ziskin is president of EXec EXcel Group and former CHRO of Northrop Grumman and Qwest Communications. As a leader who has served in senior HR positions and contributed to the professional development of countless HR executives, Ziskin brings deep knowledge about what it takes to achieve executive-level HR leadership in today’s changing landscape.


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