HR People + Strategy is a future-focused group of HR executives committed to the exchange of ideas that drives organizational performance and advances the HR profession. With  customized for HR executives, HR People + Strategy focuses on helping members lead their organizations with innovative research, ideas, proven best practices and connections to top thought leaders and practitioners in the HR profession. Give yourself and your company the strategic advantage to succeed. 

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Strategic HR Forum

The HR People + Strategy Strategic HR Forum is an intimate opportunity for executive HR leaders to learn from, engage with and exchange ideas with noted business leaders, academics, and each other.

The 2016 Strategic HR Forum- Aligning Culture and Strategy to Drive Business Success,  will discuss the critical role culture plays in the development of strategies that drive business success. Only by taking a holistic and agile view of culture will organizations be able to create  organizational strategies  that will enhance your organization's competitive edge.

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The C-Suite Series

The HR People + Strategy C-Suite Series offers forward-thinking exchanges and intimate networking sessions exclusively for the top HR executives. These sessions address the evolving role of HR like a business partners and their direct influence with the CEO, CFO, CIO and CMO. The series includes a special focus on the most pressing issues Chief Human Resource officers are facing today and their personal leadership approach.

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