Karen Stephenson

Dr. Karen Stephenson began as a quantum chemist and ended as a classically trained Harvard anthropologist using every bit of her education. She wandered through Saharan deserts and the green and leafy jungles of Mesoamerica before stumbling into corporate jungles where she was last sighted. In 2013, she was appointed the H. Smith Richardson Fellow by the Center for Creative Leadership. She was the first Katherine Houghton Hepburn Fellow, an honor bestowed by Bryn Mawr for her groundbreaking work in the social sciences. She was hailed in Business 2.0 as “The Organization Woman” and distinguished as only one of four women in Random House’s Guide to Management Gurus. Malcolm Gladwell featured her in The New Yorker for her innovative research on the workplace and corporate office. With over two decades of teaching at UCLA and Harvard, she now lectures at Yale University and Erasmus University in the Netherlands.

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