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Preparing and Submitting White Papers to
HR People & Strategy


To further the use and understanding of evidence-based HR practices, HRPS is commissioning a series of resources for HR practitioners. These resources, available to HRPS members, are specifically intended to infuse the science of evidenced-based decision-making, HR strategy, HR metrics, workforce planning, leadership development, succession planning, organizational change, organizational design, and other HR disciplines into the art of implementing Human Resource Management (HRM) strategy.

HRPS White Paper Series

The HRPS white paper series provides practitioner-oriented reviews of the above-mentioned HR practices. These papers, written by top researchers, thought leaders, business leaders, and other executive-level practitioners in the field of HR, make the science of evidence-based HR practices accessible to HRPS members. Each white paper will be posted on

About this Guide

This guide explains how you can participate in developing white papers aimed at reaching executive-level HR practitioners and their counterparts in the academic community. White papers will offer ideas, take a position, and make recommendations, and can be used by HR People & Strategy’s members as a means to create a more robust dialogue centered on the best practices for advancing the art and science of human resource management. They will be used to help HRPS members explore and think more critically about an HR issue and how to solve an HR problem or make an HR decision.


HR People & Strategy uses white papers to shape conversations taking place among executive-level HR professionals. Pertinent ideas, concepts, and knowledge offered by top executives, thought leaders, and academics address issues of particular importance in areas such as succession planning, organizational health and organizational well-being, retaining top talent, driving organizational results, and more.

Note: This guide, and the solicitation for white papers associated with it, is not a Request for Proposals (RFP). If you have previously submitted a white paper, please do not resubmit that paper unless there are significant changes to it.       

What Is HR People & Strategy?


HR People & Strategy (HRPS) is a strategically focused, ground-breaking network of influential HR executives and innovative human resource management professionals representing the world’s most prominent organizations. HRPS is the premier professional organization focused on the intersection of people and strategy.

Chartered in 1977 as the Human Resource Planning Society, the founders rallied around their desire for an association that would bring people together who were interested in advancing the science and art of human resource management. They were—as they are today—HR professionals, leading academics, and trusted advisers. The implied goal was to help people acquire the knowledge and credibility required to play a key role in the design and execution of organizational strategy.

From the start, HR People & Strategy was known for attracting top talent to its conferences and workshops. The combination of thought-provoking speakers and educators, coupled with practical lessons from HR executives and experienced consultants, differentiates the society. Various forums provide opportunities for small group discussions and debates on areas of critical interest to the profession. At these events, and within the HRPS sponsored blogs and discussion groups, all views are welcome. Unlike other professional associations, HR People & Strategy has never taken a public stand on any political agenda or piece of legislation. This allows for greater diversity of opinion.

We encourage you to send us a white paper in which you outline your idea for an area of critical need and explain how your idea is consistent with what HR People & Strategy considers most critical and strategic to HR best practices:


  • Building a strategic HR function. Enhancing the impact of the profession. It includes: ensuring functional excellence within the human resources organization; maximizing HR’s impact; validating HR’s effectiveness; solidifying HR’s perception and reputation; developing solid measurement and reporting tools.

  • HR strategy and planning. Ensuring excellence in human capital management. It includes: aligning business and HR planning; linking business strategy and HR strategy; involving HR in corporate governance and decision making; contributing to corporate social responsibility.

  • Leadership development. Impacting leadership skills and attitudes individually and collectively. It includes: acquiring, motivating, training, and developing leaders; planning for leadership succession; providing diverse and inclusive functional and organizational leadership.

  • Organizational effectiveness. Strengthening the organization’s effectiveness in achieving its intended outcomes. It includes: directing culture and organizational change; building a learning culture; implementing organizational design; developing and maintaining intellectual capital; ensuring organizational learning, agility, and transformation; managing knowledge.

  • Talent management. Securing diverse talent to meet the organization’s future needs at all levels. It includes: managing talent acquisition; developing retention strategies; driving employee motivation; fostering employee development.

What Kind of White Papers is HR People & Strategy Seeking?

HRPS is looking for white papers in which the author(s) describes a challenge associated with an area of critical need. Explain how the topic could lead to sweeping change or reform in an HR strategy and the way it is implemented. We intend to share white papers broadly with the executive-level HR community; therefore, white papers should contain only public domain information and must not contain proprietary information. Submission of a white paper means that the author(s) agrees that all the information in the white paper can be made available to the public. In your white paper, state as succinctly as possible how adopting a specific strategy could meet the needs of a human resource management challenge within an area of a broader critical need. Specifically, provide an overview of the following:

  • The research conducted, the technologies needed, and/or the actions taken

  • Any expected new outcomes and capabilities

  • The path to achieving the goal, matched to at least one of the best practices subcategory criteria noted above 

A good white paper discusses broad challenges or changes to be addressed rather than a specific technical solution or project to solve the problem. White papers should not focus on ideas for individual projects, although you may include brief examples of project ideas to illustrate the kind of research that is out there. White papers should define a broader agenda in which many companies or academic institutions would be affected or interested. So, in writing a white paper, think in terms of HRM as an art and science, as well as the larger community of practitioners and academics, rather than just your organization.

How to Submit Your Idea

Your input will be invaluable in assisting HR People & Strategy with identifying areas of HRM that need to be addressed at the strategic level. Here is how to make your ideas heard:

  • Prepare a white paper (approximately 10 pages, double-spaced using Times New Roman 11-point font) describing the challenge or change that HRM is facing and its implications for the future.

  • State clearly the type of actions that could achieve wide-spread organizational results as a result of implementing a strategy.

  • Discuss how the challenge or change addresses at least one critical and strategic HRM and HR best practices.

White Papers should not:

  • contain proprietary information

  • be a single case study

 Please include a title page that identifies the topic that you have outlined in your white paper (i.e., Succession Planning: How to Plan for Your Organization’s Future While Retaining Top Talent), along with your name, title, your organization’s name (if you are submitting on its behalf), and your contact information. Submissions will be accepted only via email to with the subject line: HR People + Strategy White Paper Submission.



For questions regarding white paper preparation and submission, email


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