HRPS Board Nomination Process

HRPS Board Appointment Process 

Under the bylaws, the Board of Directors of HR People and Strategy carefully reviews candidates put forward by the Nominations Committee which is comprised of current and former HRPS volunteer leaders. The Nominations Committee carefully reviews each candidate’s credentials with the following criteria in mind:

  • Member Tenure (Length of Time as a National or Affiliate Member) 
  • Volunteer History and Engagement (Active Participation on Committees, Learning Events or Other Activities at the National or Affiliate Organizations)
  • Professional Credentials (Related to our "Five Learning Pillars”) 
  • Impact on the Profession (Demonstrated thought leadership through speaking, writing or conducting important research on HRPS related topics) 
  • Ability to Commit Time (The HRPS is volunteer led and all of our learning events and programs are developed by the volunteers)
  • Overall Candidate Profile 
  • Board Diversity 
  • Board Balance (Appropriate balance between practitioners, academics and consultants) 
  • Personal Recommendations (From HRPS volunteers and peers) 

Each year, the Governance Committee identifies the candidates they believe most closely meet the current needs of the HRPS. The Board then considers these individuals and votes on each candidate during the October Board Meeting. In several cases, candidates have been nominated several times over the years before being elected to join the Board, during which time they have maintained or increased their level of volunteerism and continued to develop their career.

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