FitBit Case Study: CHRO + Board Partnership


​As CHROs look to drive an expanded human capital agenda, they must partner with their board and C-suite peers to achieve success. Lisa Gross, senior vice president of people for FitBit will share where her organization is on this journey including best practices and lessons learned. CHROs from across the region will join the conversation to share their experiences in partnering with boards, how to prepare for and obtain board seats, and increasing CHRO presence on public, private, and non-profit boards. 

Meet the Speaker

​Lisa Gross
SVP, People

As the SVP of People, Lisa is responsible for leading Fitbit's Global Human Resources initiatives. Prior to Fitbit, she held various HR Leadership positions in top global companies across diverse industries - including General Electric, Tyco Electronics, Applied Materials, and Bayer Healthcare, where she most recently served as Vice President, Human Resources. With an M.S. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and a B.S. in Psychology from UCLA, Lisa is passionate about developing talent and leadership capabilities, building organizational effectiveness, and fostering diversity. Lisa is an avid explorer who enjoys taking her Fitbit tracker traveling, hiking, kayaking, camping, and skiing with her husband and three teenagers.