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October 18 - 20, 2020 Chicago, IL

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Leading Through Disruption

We are living in a world where change is the norm. Disruption is no longer a novelty, it is way of life, inside and outside of work.  The forces that drive the intense disruption create complexity that challenges even the most agile organizations. To thrive, organizations must find new ways to balance the waves of change and innovation to create coherence.  This is a world that needs speed, agility, and new models to meet the evolving needs of the business.  

As HR leaders, we must lead the biggest challenges organizations are facing today—shifting the mindset on how today’s businesses embrace disruption. From developing top-notch recruitment and attraction frameworks that meet the challenges of the talent wars, to re-tooling HR with specialty disciplines that can help manage complexity, organizations are relying increasingly on an expanding HR portfolio to meet the expectation of a consumer-grade experience, 24/7 communications, and shorter and shorter change cycles.

To remain successful, HR leaders must orchestrate all of this in ways that balance stakeholders and the business, stepping into the uncertainty to deliver outsized results that transform organizations from the inside out. At the Strategic HR Forum: Leading Through Disruption, we will explore the critical role HR leaders play in creating a competitive advantage by finding value within the disruptive layers of the business environment. 

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