Are You Bold Enough to be a Talent Magnet Leader?

We hear every day about the hyper-competitive talent market.  Finding and keeping the right people to sustain and grow the business is critical to an organization's success.  Yet, why are some organizations thriving and others finding it challenging to attract and retain great talent?  Leaders make all the difference. 

How do managers and supervisors become great talent leaders?  It takes boldness to be curious and to continually learn and grow as a leader—in this session, you will learn:

  • how micro-actions help you develop the capabilities to become a Talent Magnet leader
  • how designing your team for passion and high performance can help you deliver extraordinary results
  • the practices that can help you deliver great experiences for your employees and customers.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it (Goethe)….come and join us, be bold…find your genius!

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About our presenter: Pamela Stroko is Vice-President HCM Transformation and Thought Leadership at Oracle Corporation and a recognized leader in HCM and talent management.  She is an author, keynote speaker, seminar leader, executive coach, and consultant working with Oracle's customers in the HCM space.  Over her career she has developed deep expertise in all aspects of HCM and talent management, focusing on delivering business results by aligning enterprise strategy with strategies for building people capability across the organization.  At Oracle, Pamela works with customers to develop their HCM strategies and implement unified, core HR and talent solutions.  


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