How to Ignite Your Culture Using Story, Data, and Insights

September 4, 2019
Webinar Start Time: 12 p.m., ET

The two most powerful questions that will drive the future of your organization are: "Who are we?" and "Where are we going?"  In today's world constant disruption, digital transformation, and hyper-competition, the answers to these questions are more difficult than ever before. Yet employees are demanding answers, and the future of our business depends on our ability to be clear, succinct, and moving... both for the sake of our people and our businesses. In this webinar, you will learn a framework for helping executives and employees to help you answer these questions powerfully through storytelling, data, and insights.

About the Presenter:

Daniel Jacobs is the CEO of Avanoo. Daniel’s work has been featured on Fortune, Inc., BusinessInsider, Apple News, HuffPo, and most major news publications in the United States. His company, Avanoo, uses storytelling, micro-learning, and cutting-edge technology to help many of the world’s most prominent brands drive improved culture, performance, and engagement within their workforce.

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