Taking Care of Your Multi-Generational Workforce and Their Data - Perspectives from IT and HR

October 22, 2018

​Today’s workplace is vastly different from what it was just a few decades ago, and technology has played the biggest role in shaping those changes. Thanks to the advancement of technology, employees share more information than ever before and communicate in ways that differ from previous generations. This cultural shift has impacted the employee benefits arena and empowered employees to demand more employee-focused benefits offerings that add more tangible value to their lives. 

Just as technology has brought changes to employee benefits, it’s forcing employers to adjust their data policies and procedures. From online payroll systems to web-based servers, companies are collecting and storing greater amounts of employee data than ever before. With data breaches having become the norm in today’s world, it’s in both HR and IT’s interests to work together to:

Determine what types of personally identifiable information are necessary to collect, and
Get a better understanding of what they need to protect, why it’s important to protect it, and how to protect it in a comprehensive manner.

Learn how companies can offer benefits that both cater to the unique needs of their multi-generational workforce and better protect their data, in a cost effective way.

Eugenia Blackstone
VP of Global Marketing
Generali Global Assistance

Jill Hazan
Senior Subject Matter Expert – Identity Protection
Legal Resources

Russ Schrader
Executive Director
National Cyber Security Alliance

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