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Rahul Varma

Senior Managing Director - Global Head of Talent


As Accenture’s Managing Director of Talent and Learning, Rahul Varma is responsible for recruiting, learning, and talent development of the company’s 380,000+ people.  He oversees an annual training budget of more than $900 million and leads teams around the world that deliver award-winning work to drive strategic recruiting of an average 100,00 new joiners per year, onboarding and integration, learning, career development, career transitions and performance management for Accenture’s people. Most recently, Rahul led the re-envisioning of Accenture’s performance management approach, launching Performance Achievement in 2016.  Prior to this Rahul established Accenture’s Connected Learning, a new approach to enterprise learning, powered by innovations such as digital learning boards, connected classrooms, and a global network of learning centers. Passionate about the role of Human Resources, Rahul relentlessly champions innovative solutions to unlocking human potential.

Rahul earned his Master’s degree in Personnel Management (MPM) from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune, and has a BA with honors in Economics from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi.  While Rahul served as Accenture in India’s first HR director, from 1999 to 2007, the company grew from a niche management consulting firm of 200 to a multi-business organization with 37,000 employees, earning the company global recognition for HR thought leadership. In his previous role as Accenture’s senior director of HR Strategy and Enablement, Rahul led a three-year global HR transformation and innovation initiative, including industry-academic training programs for HR professionals across China, Europe, India, the Philippines and South Africa. Rahul first joined Accenture in 1994 on the India HR team.