SHRM's Executive Network, HR People + Strategy works actively to build connections with HR management organizations worldwide that share our goals and philosophy. There are seven affiliates throughout the United States and Canada with which we work closely to build resources and information-sharing networks to support HR Executives and thought leaders on a local level. The complimentary values of an expanded HR network, leading-edge human resources management conferences, and webcasts are compelling reasons to visit our affiliate members.

Affiliate Listing

RegionAffiliatePresidentsContact Information
East Coast
New York Human Resource People & StrategyChris Kujawa & Deb Seidman

Philadelphia Society of People & StrategyCarle Quinn

MidwestHR Leadership Group of Northeast OhioSueAnn Naso


St. Louis HR People + Strategy
John Short

California HR Strategy ForumCraig Ramsay
Rocky Mountain HR People & StrategyLauren
International Affiliate
Strategic Capability Network (National President)
Suanne Nielsen

Strategic Capability Network (Calgary Chapter)

Stephanie Paquet​ 

Affiliate Joint Program

SHRM's Executive Network, HR People + Strategy & Strategic Capability Network (Canada)

SHRM's Executive Network, HR People + Strategy is looking for business and industry partners willing to work together to transform business through people and strategy, establishing effective HR strategies to address the challenging issues organizations will face tomorrow. Learn more.

Upcoming Affiliate Events

​Strategic Capability Network
​Connection Hour
​Strategic Capability Network
Leading Through Disruption--The Power of Authenticity 
​Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy 
2020 Q3 - Speaker: Gayle Hilgendorff
​California HR Strategy Forum and New York Human Resource People & Strategy
Let's Talk About Racism: What's HR's role?
​Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy
​Discussion Forum Post Q3 Event
​St. Louis HR People + Strategy
Strategic Executive Development
​Strategic Capability Network
SCNetwork 2020 Annual General Meeting
​New York Human Resource People & Strategy
Jan Bruce & Laura Young: Resilience & Culture
​Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy
Discussion Forum Post Q3 Event Session 2
​Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy
October Members in Transition SIG
​Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy 
14th Annual PSPS Leadership Forum
​Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy
October South Jersey LAN
​Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy
October HCA Forum SIG
​Strategic Capability Network
​Interac: A Case-Study
​Strategic Capability Network
​Managing your own mental health as a leader...and supporting others
​Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy
​October Fall Networking Series